1. 1. Do not you care about this?

・ I'm worried about stuffiness, stickiness, and odor.

・ I want to protect the pad.

・ Telework has increased the headset time.


・ I'm worried about the deterioration of the synthetic leather of the ear pads.

・ I'm worried about bacterial growth on the ear pads.

・ I was worried about the odor caused by the adhesion of sweat during gaming.

・ I often use headphones while going to work or on a business trip.

2. 2. With EarTouch,

○ Smooth and comfortable, eliminating stuffiness and stickiness.

○ High deodorant function suppresses odor.

○ You can delay the progress of deterioration of the ear pads.

○ You can concentrate on your work and games without worrying about stickiness.


・ You can wash your hands and keep it clean.

・ Since it covers the pad part, it has almost no effect on sound quality.

・ Compatible with various headphones in 5 sizes.

・ Does not interfere with the function of the internal sensor.

・ Cover with tattered ear pads and use comfortably.

3. 3. reason

 "The fabric is Torino cool and feels good!"

(* Turin Cool is a registered trademark of Toray)

Features ① High elasticity (expands freely in the 3D direction)

Feature (2) Sweat-absorbing and quick-drying

Feature ③ High deodorant function (using deodorant fiber)

Feature ④ Hand washable

Feature ⑤ Made in Japan

Features of Turin Cool

What is Turin Cool, a high-performance fabric?

Turin Cool is a highly functional stretch material that combines a special cross-section polyester and deodorant polyurethane fiber. While maintaining a variety of functionality, it supports a wide range of items from innerwear to sports and materials with its high color development and supple texture.

Use case of Turin Cool

・ Outerwear

Usage: Jacket, bottom, skirt, etc ..

By using highly elastic threads, the fabric feels more stretchy and more comfortable to wear. In addition, Tricot, which has excellent shape stability, is the best fabric for outerwear.

・ Sportswear / Fitnesswear

Usage: Fitness wear, swimwear, leotard

・ Sports underwear ・ Cycling wear

・ Trekking wear etc ..

The tricot that fits with high stretchability fits the movement of the body during strenuous exercise.

Advantages of Turin Cool x Ear Touch

1. 1. Excellent elongation and resilience

The excellent elasticity and resilience made it possible to support various headphones.

2. 2. Silky and high-quality luster

With a soft texture, the cation polyester gives a vivid color and a silky, high-quality luster.

3. 3. Little change in shape after hand washing

Due to its excellent recovery and high shape stability, the shape after hand washing is hard to change, and it has the characteristics that wrinkles and creases are hard to occur.

4. Sweat-absorbing quick-drying and deodorant function

The high deodorant function due to the use of excellent sweat-absorbing and quick-drying and deodorant polyurethane fibers that keeps the skin smooth is the greatest merit.

"Design to cover the pad"

Features ① Do not block the opening

The biggest feature is the OPEN structure headphone cover that can cover only the world's first ear pad part. Therefore, you can enjoy the original sound from the driver, which is the heart of the headphones. Not only that, it doesn't put pressure on your ears, so it doesn't hurt your ears.


Feature (2) Little change in sound quality

You may be worried about changes in sound quality by attaching the headphone cover, but the OPEN structure prevents deterioration of sound quality as much as possible. EarTouch also discloses changes in sound quality, so please refer to it. (Currently, we are migrating the BLOG data from the previous site. We will do our best to make it public by the end of June.)

"Adding new features"


Feature ① Anti-slip function

A stronger anti-slip function than the previous model has been added to the logo part printed on the tape around the outside, which is one of the parts that fix the headphone cover. This improvement is one of the improvements that most users have hoped for since the beginning.

Feature (2) Review of size development

(M55, XM60, XM70, L70, XXL75)

All models are available in 3 sizes, but 2 sizes can be added to optimize the size development. Regarding this size as well, we added a size that was often requested by users and reviewed the overall design.