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[Smooth and deodorant EarTouch has been upgraded! ]

EarTouch born from crowdfunding (Makuake),

Redesigned based on the strict comments of the members (TaemE),

The first improved version that reflects TeamE's wishes has arrived!

(Redesigned based on many suggestions from April 2020 to the end of March 2021)

(Improvements of Ver2)

・ Improved anti-slip function of outer tape

・ Review of size development

(M55, XM60, XM70, L70, XXL75)

[The fabric is Turin Cool * and it feels very good! ] (* It is a registered trademark of Toray)

Features ① High elasticity (expands freely in the 3D direction)

Feature (2) Sweat-absorbing and quick-drying

Feature ③ High deodorant function (using deodorant fiber)

Feature ④ Hand washable

Feature ⑤ Made in Japan

Feature ⑥ Anti-slip function (★ Improvement points)

[Design that can cover only the pad]

Features ① Do not block the opening

Feature (2) Does not interfere with sound quality

▶ Patent applied / Design acquisition: Please be careful about similar products.

【that's why】

・ It's always comfortable and smooth, and it's no longer sticky!

・ You can wash your hands and always keep it clean!

・ Safe for people who value sound quality!

・ It is fun to support various headphones!

・ A cover that does not interfere with the first internal sensor!

・ You can immerse yourself in GAME without worrying about stickiness!

・ Makeup and hair wax do not stick to the pad, so you can keep your headphones clean!

[Search for size confirmation in "Ear Touch compatibility table"]

The compatible size has been expanded to 5 sizes.

(M55, XM60, XM70, L70, XXL75) (★ Improvement points)

《TeamE activity history》

[Main improvements through information exchange]

・ Improved anti-slip function of outer tape

・ Review of compatible size

・ Simplification of package

・ Production optimization to solve inventory shortages

・ Improved information disclosure frequency and format for members

・ Improving the purchasing experience on the company's website

▶ Would you like to join Team E? (Under recruitment for free)

Eligibility: I love headphones.

Activity: Improvement of EarTouch

<< Support for gaming headsets >>

EarTouch is compatible with gaming headsets (headphones). Especially in the case of team battles and driving simulator games that require concentration, you can concentrate on the strategy and driving without getting stuffy. (Compatible confirmed headphones: "ASTRO A40 + MIXAMP PRO (A40TR01 + MA3P03): XM70" "logicool PRO X (G-PHS-003): XM70" "RAZER KRAKEN (RZ04-02830200-R3M)": L70)

★★★ Please be sure to check before purchasing ★★★

"The core material can be bent and used." The core material uses a highly elastic polyethylene material. Due to the convenience of modeling, there are unavoidable "bends". There is no problem in use, but please handle with care. In addition, as a characteristic of the material, it bends well in the lateral direction and has inelastic properties in the circumferential direction. Normally, the stress to cover the headphones does not "break", but it may "break" if a force is applied locally or if the force is applied in a state where it is hardened by applying heat. If it "breaks", please stop using it.

[In such a case]

・ The core material is broken! → If "broken"! If, check the condition of the core material. (Please check the above "bend" and "broken".) The core material has one joint, so you can "bend" it at that joint. If the core material is "broken", stop using it immediately, check the detailed status of use at that time, and after confirming the return of the broken product, it is a problem of this product. If it is determined that the product will be refunded within 30 days after purchase.

・ The joint point has come off! → If you forcibly spread the core material to the outside, the joint may peel off, so please do not forcibly spread it or wash it in the washing machine. (In this case, it is not covered by the warranty.)

・ The core material does not fit, so if you force it in, it will break! → Do not "force" the core material inside the headphone pad. Unexpected danger may occur. → If it matches the size of the compatibility table but does not fit, please stop inserting it by force. If you contact us with the manufacturer name and headphone model number of the headphone, we will refund the product after returning it within 30 days after purchase.

・ It takes time to install. difficult. I don't know what to do. → Because it is a perfect fit design, it may not be possible to install it unless it is stretched strongly because it is designed to be installed with the fabric and surrounding tape part stretched.

・ It often comes off when I take it out of the headphone case. → The cover is not completely fixed and may be caught and removed. Please use it so as not to get caught.

・ Easy to come off! → Depending on the shape of the headphones, it may be difficult to fix. In that case, please try a method such as sandwiching the cover between the pad and the housing. If you cannot fix it by all means, please contact the manufacturer and headphone model number, and we will refund the product after returning it within 30 days after purchase.

・ The nails get caught in the fabric and make the fabric fluffy. → The fabric is finely woven and may get caught in the slightly corners and cracks of the nails and the dry part of the skin. When installing, do not pull it forcibly and install it slowly.

・ I attached the M55 cover to the large headphones, but it didn't fit. → Please note that it cannot be attached to headphones that exceed the applicable size.

◆ About the production time of special sewing ◆

This product is specially sewn on special fabric (3D) by a limited number of craftsmen, and it takes time to produce. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers, but please understand that it will take some time for production.